Doom: Eternal. Only gameplay, only hardcore. part1

In general, the gameplay has not undergone to a global reconstruction. These are all the same wild races in arenas, generously seasoned with madness and dismemberment. Between the complete destruction of hordes of demons in different ways, you will be taken to the next zone, which again will provide exactly the same opportunity. Along the way, you will find the secrets and Easter eggs hidden at the level. But this is too generalized picture of what is happening. If going deeper into the details, you can notice a lot of chips that made the gameplay more diverse, dynamic and exciting.

Death: Eternal. Only gameplay, only hardcore

The hateful gun was completely removed from the game, which was a bit of a child’s fart compared to the rest of the arsenal of weapons. I had to run with it at the very beginning for 15 minutes because there was no other analogue. And after the addition of the first really powerful gun, you will forever forget about short-barreled weapons. In Eternal, the developer changed the approach: “grab a shotgun, and then you’ll figure it out somehow”. We liked this change, and this is just the beginning.


Further developers will flood you with various skills and weapons. The full set will open in the first third of the entire passage. If compared with the previous part, where, although you get used to the whole variety of abilities of the protagonist, the game is already over, here it is not so – everything is quick and fast. Speaking of “fast.” The dynamics of battles has increased significantly due to some features.

What was replaced in the game Doom: Eternal

Firstly, they replaced the useless squat with a jerk that can be done twice in a row. This allowed not only to effectively avoid the muck flying at you at the very last moment, but also to quickly get to the demons and the key points during the battle. Secondly, they added the mechanims of instant revival due to extra lives, which, like other secret objects, can be found in secret corners at the level. On the one hand, this facilitates the gameplay (although we’ll talk about complexity), but on the other hand, it allows you to immediately engage in battle, without waiting for the loading process. The conveyor in the person of Doomguy for the destruction of evil spirits has become even more conveyor. Thirdly, HP balance and monster damage have been completely redesigned.

Doom. Eternal

The life counter can drop to zero per second. At high difficulty levels, the demon’s weapon is almost one shot. But now, you are a pathetic coward, you can’t shoot from a Gaussian cannon from a distance (by the way, it was replaced by Ballista, who smashes demons much more effectively), because there is much less ammunition. Weapons in Doom: the eternal must be combined and changed very often. And you can replenish ammunition, as before – with the help of a chainsaw, after which ammunition is abundantly dropped from the devil’s caviar.

Death: Eternal. Only gameplay, only hardcore

The game makes the player act according to their own rules: you need to change weapons and establish close contact with evil spirits. There is no other way. The mechanics of the juicy destruction of crushed creatures remained. She, as before, is needed to restore health.

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