How can I track someone through an IP address?

You can track down the enemy through IP, butthe reason must be that he made you angry fantastically.
You put a headshot in CS: GO, and an angry student on the other end threatens: “I will find you by IP”! The famous IP threat is probably as old as the Internet itself. Acting on a person, knowing IP, in fact, is possible. But for this, he must very angry someone.

How can I trace someone through an IP address?
How can I trace someone through an IP address?

Is it possible to determine the location of a person by IP address?

No you can not. Do not believe those who promise it. The fact is that the IP address under which the Internet knows you is, in fact, the address of your provider’s DHCP server, which is quietly rustling in his data center.

How can I trace someone through an IP address?-3
How can I trace someone through an IP address?

And your computer has a dynamic IP address, which changes with each new connection to this server (that is, with each new Internet connection). It is assigned from a pool of IP addresses that are allocated for your provider in a specific city.
Therefore, even if you know your dynamic IP, you can, at a maximum, determine which city and country you are in and who your provider is. Sites that ask you when you connect: “Is your city Washington?” Yes / No ”, it is this information that is guided by. In addition, they are never sure of their guess and ask for confirmation. Because you can sit, for example, in New York, and the provider can give you the address from the pool that he once bought for Los Angeles.
Sites that promise to determine your location by IP, in fact, lie. They can, at most, try to determine where your provider has servers – but not your exact address. We checked three sites that offer such services, and all three for the same IP gave us different addresses.

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