How to apply blush

Add little color in the final touch of makeup! A blush is the main accent in your makeup. The role of blush can not be overstated – if applied correctly, can be used to refresh a tired face, adjust its shape and give a bump in the right places.

But a failed application of blush, they turn into strips and circles, which completely spoil the whole make-up. More over, it is important to know and sense of proportion, otherwise instead of the fresh face, you run the risk of becoming like a doll.

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How to apply blush

Main mistakes when applying blush:

Too much blush;
Application technique does not correspond to the shape your face
Bad blending;
Improper color blush;
Incorrectly matched texture blush.

To avoid such errors, guided by the following rules.

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How to apply blush

How to choose a blush?

Blush represented in several species and they vary in their texture. There is powder blush, loose, liquid, cream, and chabby stick blush. Each have their own pros and cons. Let us consider the main differences between them.

#1 Compact powder blush. Their main advantage – convenience of application and efficiency. It fits perfectly for all skin types. Also, this type of blush can be applied on top of the powder and foundation. For this type of blush, use a soft fluffy brush.

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How to apply blush

#2 Loose blush. The priority is that it gives you a light covering than the previous type and also easily applied. Before applying loose blush on the face, lightly brush shake up to remove excess. Such blushes suitable for all skin types.

How to apply
How to choose a blush

#3 Liquid and cream blush. Due to the texture, creates the effect of moisture. Suitable for dry skin. The main disadvantage of liquid blush that it quickly dries out, making it impossible to correct makeup. Many makeup artists prefer to apply blush with a liquid texture with fingers or wet sponge.

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How to choose a blush

#4 The stick blush. The main advantage of these rouge – a high resistance. But those are not suitable for everyone. Because of the oil content, those who have oily skin are better to drop it.

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How to choose a blush

#1 Tip: If you have a dry skin or fine lines and wrinkles, try to use a cream blush. If your skin is oily, pick the powder blush. Powder blush is also good when the temps go up, while cream blush is better for cold weather.

#2 Tip: For all day staying power on your night out, apply cream blush as a base then top with a similarly colored powder blush.

Tips for Using Any Blush Color

To make face look natural, you need to choose perfect blush, which looks the best on your skin

Dark-skinned and tanned girl need to choose terracotta, deep-brown and bronze tones.

Girls with fair skin should give preference to blush peach and pastel colors of pink.

4 different ways to apply blusher for your face shape

Everyone has a different face shape and our tips will show you 4 different ways to apply blusher for YOUR face shape. Whatever that might be. Remember though, its only makeup and feel free to use whatever technique you like – its just makeup!

How to apply
How to apply blush

It is important to pick a special brush. The best – with bevelled edge. It is not only useful for the application of blush, but also ideal for sculpting the face and your cheekbones.

Round face

Blush applied below the cheeks and the sides of your temples. Apply blush, as if you are drawing a letter “C”. Carefully blending a blush into your temples and cheeks, with the most deep color must be from the bottom of the cheeks.

Oval face

Apply blush directly on the cheekbones. Put a blush on your cheeks, parallel to the line of the eye. Thus we achieve the visual effect of the expansion.

How to apply
How to apply blush

Square face type

To correct square face shape, find the middle of the cheeks, apply a blush a little below the cheeks, blending at the angle to the outside of the temples.

The triangular face

Put the blusher on the middle of the cheeks, blending from cheekbones to the ears. Thus will smooth the widest part your face. It can be applied as a triangle in which one side is parallel to the lower eyelid. To smooth the sharp chin, apply a deeper color blush or bronzer.

♥Be the very pretty Babe! Good luck!♥

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