How to protect the integrity of your bank card details

Maintaining the integrity of your bank card information in the Web is becoming increasingly difficult. Online stores are very convenient platforms in the modern world. However, there are several ways out.

How to protect the integrity of your bank card details

How to maintain the integrity of your bank card data

The best way to hide information about your bank card from online stores (and pickpockets hitting them) is to pay from a web wallet.

Use Web Wallets

Link your bank card to an electronic wallet such as PayPal, WebMoney. Then, when buying online, you can choose a web wallet as means of payment – and its details will become a kind of “screen” covering the data of your real card when making payments online.

How to protect the integrity of your bank card details
Web Wallets

No wonder the largest online auctions, such as Ebay, strongly recommend that you use PayPal when making payments. They are well aware that on their sites anyone can engage in trade, including unreliable individuals.

Pay from your smartphone via Apple Pay and Google Pay

When making payments from a smartphone, the role of a similar protective barrier for bank card data will be mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay for iOS and Google Pay for Android. In this case, your card details will be reliably guarded by Google and Apple – in fact, they will be intermediaries through which your money will be transferred to online stores. Thus, only they will know the details of your card, but not the store itself. Some online stores agree with this and by default offer to pay for purchases through Google Pay.

How to protect the integrity of your bank card details
Apple Pay or Google Pay

Use virtual cards

An interesting opportunity offered by some banks and payment systems, which many do not use, because they do not understand its essence.
A virtual card is a card that has all the properties of a real bank card, but does not have a physical medium. It exists only in the personal account of your online bank and can be used to pay for purchases online. If, for example, you do not want to “merge” the data of your salary card that you were given at work to the network, get a virtual card. Transfer to it the necessary amount for purchases from your payroll card and indicate its details in online stores to pay for purchases.

How to protect the integrity of your bank card details
virtual cards

Keep core budget on non-card accounts

If you sell an apartment or a car, take a mortgage or a loan, in a word, operate in core budget – use an account that does not have a bank card to store and receive money. Give the buyer his details for the transfer of money and do not be lazy to go to the bank to make operations on ordering and withdrawing funds. The same applies to savings: as a personal piggy bank it is better not to use a card, but to open a full bank deposit. In addition, reccommended to arrange insurance funds on the card.

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