How to zoom in the image in my Apple Watch

Apple Watch is an excellent gadget, the owners of which get access to modern technology. In conjunction with the iPhone, Apple smart watches give you even more options. However, the Apple Watch has one serious disadvantage – a small screen. In this article, we’ll show you how to enlarge the image on the display of Apple Watch.

How to Enable and Use Zooming on an Apple Watch
How to zoom in on my Apple Watch display?

Of course, a smart watch is a very useful and compact device. However, it is sometimes very difficult to view the information displayed on their screen. Fortunately, the Apple Watch has a “Zoom In” feature that can help you get rid of this problem. If necessary, you can always enlarge the image, and then return to its usual size.

How to zoom in on the Apple Watch display:

Go to Settings

Select the “General” section
Click the “Universal Access” tab
Activate the Zoom function using the switch.
Now you can quickly zoom in on the Apple Watch screen. To do this, you just need to make a double tap on the screen with two fingers.

How to Enable and Use Zooming on an Apple Watch
How to set up and use Zoom on my Apple Watch

To navigate the display, swipe it with two fingers or scroll the Digital Crown. If you want to further enlarge the image on the screen, make a double tap, and then hold and swipe your fingers up or down.

To turn off the zoom, double-tap with two fingers and then release the screen.

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